Thursday 22 January 2015

A second Sixty Five - what are the chances?

On or around my sixty-fifth birthday, I wrote a poem, "The Second Sixty Five," where I mused:

"The chances are very good today
A second sixty five will come my way."

What are the real chances of a second sixty five?

How have I measured up in the seven (What? Seven?) years since then?

I have made a list of the factors that make a second sixty five possible and, on this blog, intend to discuss them under headings such as the following:
    A plan; Individuality; Example, good and bad; Be Active, be Alive; Yoga;  Diet; Medical science v. anecdotal evidence; Breathing; Suppleness; Brittle bones; Eyes; Knees and Toes; Sunshine; Home diagnostics; Flu' injections; Old Benders;  Reminiscence; Supplements; Toxins; Viruses; Alertness; Sociability;  Recipes.

A start has been made with the following essays: