Green Porridge: not just for St Patrick's Day

Fill a mug with oat flakes. (I prefer Jumbo Oat Flakes for a rough texture, but porridge oats will give a smoother texture). Transfer to a pyrex bowl or saucepan.

Add a tea-spoon of Super Greens powder.

Add a tea-spoon of turmeric powder.

Mix together and add two mugs of water.

Bring to the boil; turn down the heat and simmer for 10 minutes. If using a saucepan keep stirring the mix to prevent sticking to the pan. This is not necessary if using a microwave oven.

The mix will swell up as it simmers, so keep  the heat down so as not to boil over. As it simmers, the moisture is absorbed by the oatflakes. The longer it is simmered, the smoother the porridge. I prefer to take it off the heat when the water is fully absorbed but the texture remains fairly rough.

Result: a mild green, very tasty porridge, suitable for St Patrick's Day or any day.
 Why Porridge?
Porridge is part of the traditional Irish (and Scottish) breakfast; said to be good for you; fills you with slow-release energy until lunch-time; helps clean out the bowel and reduces cholesterol. Oats are fed to horses to give them energy. More-or-less gluten-free, slow-release carbohydrate, recommended by Patrick Holford and many other health gurus. It contains all the Amino Acids, whereas rice and wheat are both lacking in Lysine. 

Why Super Greens?
To quote from one manufacturer:
"Synergy super greens is a synergistic blend of nature’s most nutrient dense green superfoods, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass and wheat grass. Organic super greens powder provides all the nourishing goodness of the four green superfoods in one supplement. A supplement with a truly broad base of nutrients that are energising, balancing, cleansing and alkalising."

Green porridge is a way of ensuring that you get at least some greens every day.

Super Greens give your porridge a good green colour, without spoiling the natural oat flavour.

While a diet of potatoes and milk provides a complete diet: all the carb, protein, vitamins and nutrients that you require, not so porridge and milk alone. You need to add greens, fruit and protein. For protein some add crushed flax seeds or chia seeds;  the old people simply had a boiled egg after eating their porridge, which was probably better.

Why Turmeric?
The greens by themselves make the  porridge go a bright green. Turmeric tones it down and makes it a softer olive green.

Turmeric balances the somewhat grassy flavour of the greens, to give a lovely taste.

Turmeric is reckoned as a very healthy supplement, highy valued in Indian Ayurvedic medicine. It has multiple health benefits and is said to prevent cancer. To be effective, a means has to be employed to assist absorption by the body. It is fat-soluble and will be absorbed if taken with fat. For this reason, eat your turmeric-enhanced porridge with full fat milk. Adding pepper also assists absorption.

Why green porridge?
Added nutrients.

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